NAZ-Yachts, owned by Michael de Zeeuw, started building sturdy sailing and motoryachts in 2003 , over a 100 yachts found their way to their owners since .

Some wellknown examples are  : North-Cape  and Wanderer yachts, developed by famous Dutch architect Martin Bekebrede.

These yachts all share the sturdy build, the classical design and their smooth behaviour on small rivers and canals  as well as on open water.

The sailing yachts all feature a retractable centreboard for grounding in tidal waters.

All yachts are built to owners’ specification, production is at our own yard in Turkeys Istanbul area. (DTB)

Sailing yachts :

1 nk22vm07 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 01 Nk31vm02 1 Nk31Azur ext (1) (Medium) 1 noordster (Medium) Wanderer 34 2 w37 ext (1) Wanderer-40Pzijzwart (Medium)


Motor yachts :

NK 28Pmotorsloep (Large) DSC03167 (Medium) Wadkaper 37


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