Wanderer 40 GRP


 Wanderer 40GRP, the largest yacht we produce in GRP :
A fibreglass sailing yacht like the smaller North Cape models,
traditionally built, with shallow draft through use of a retractable centreboard.
Construction is traditional (handlayup full glass hull) and very sturdy.
It’s classic shape and gentle lines allow for  friendly sailing behaviour on open sea.
It’s draft of 85 cm only makes cruising shallow rivers and drying out easy.
Rigging is modern (aluminium cutterrig) and designed for shorthanded sailing in light as well as strong winds.
The deckhouse is spacious and light, big enough for up to 8 people.
Below you’ll find a mastercabin, guest cabin , toilet-shower,
kitchen and dining area depending owners’choice.
Several interior options are possible (2 or 3 cabins, kitchen in deckhouse or down etc.)

Building material



13,10 m
L.o.d. 11,80 m
Width   4,10 m
Draft 0,85/2,3 m
Sailing area 94 m2
Deplacement 12500kg
Engine Nanni 50 Hp
Certification CE-A





Interior of W40P-02  / 2016

W40P-03  / 2017

W40P-04 a charter version with 3 cabins – 2018


W40P-05 – 2018-2019 the last one built, with enlarged rigging plan , selftacking jib, electric winches and luxury interior

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