North Cape 31C


The North Cape 31C is a GRP sailing yacht , traditionally built, with shallow draft through the use of a retractable centreboard.
Construction is traditional (handlayup full glass hull) and very sturdy.

It’s classic shape and gentle lines allow for  friendly sailing behaviour on open sea.
It’s draft of 65 cm only makes cruising shallow rivers and drying out easy.

Rigging is modern (cutterrig, aluminium mast and boom, selftacking jib) and easy to handle in light as well as strong winds.
Standard steering is handhydraulic with steering console and leather covered wheel ; helmsteering optional

Although most clients choose  a modern aluminium toprig a traditional gaff rig with wooden mast and spars can be supplied.

Inside you’ll find a spacious yet cosy cabin for 4-6  persons,
with roomy galley, pilotberth and headroom of 1,94 m.
In the foc’sle you’ll find separate mastercabin and toilet area .
outside you’ll find a generous and safe cockpit.

Every yacht is custom built to owners’ wishes

Nk31-Cabin description

NK31C interiorplan

NK31C Riggingplan

Prices on request

Boat Type : North Cape 31Cabin
General Data : GRP sailing yacht with centreboard
Designer Martin Bekebrede
Yard DTB-Turkey / NAZ-yachts Netherlands
L.o.a 10,75    m
L.o.d. 9,40 m
Width 3,45 m
Draft 0,65 / 1,95 m
Displacement 6500 kg
Sail area 55 sqm (cutterrig)
Engine Nanni 29 Hp diesel
Certification CE-B

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