North Cape 31 MOC


The North Cape 231MOC is a GRP motor yacht, built in handlayup GRP,
It’s construction is sturdy and robust yet it’s looks are traditional and elegant.

It’s classic shape and gentle lines allow for  friendly behaviour on open sea.
It’s draft of 75 cm only makes cruising shallow rivers and drying out easy.

Inside you’ll find  spacious yet cosy quarters for 4 persons, with roomy galley ,
outside a very generous and sheltered cockpit.

Headroom is 1,94 m.

Nk31-MOC description / price 2021-2022

Nk31MOC interior plan

Nk31MOC A6

Boat Type : North Cape 31MOC
General Data : GRP motoryacht
Designer Martin Bekebrede
Yard DTB-Turkey / NAZ-yachts Netherlands
L.o.a 10,0 m
L.o.d. 9,40 m
Width 3,40 m
Draft 0,75 m
Displacement 6200 kg
Engine Yanmar 39 Hp diesel
Certification CE-C


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