Wanderer-36 GRP

By the end of 2019 NAZ will add a new model to the collection : 

Wanderer 36 P , a seagoing GRP- sailing yacht, with shallow draft, due to the foldable centreboard.
This yacht is designed for long range voyages , yet feels equally at home in small and shallow creeks, lakes and canals.

Is is produced in 2 varieties : 
-1 Doghouse  (low superstructure, single-level interior)
-2 Deckhouse (raised deckhouse, split-level interior)

Its modern cutterig with selftacking jib allows for shorthanded sailing ,
sailhandling can be done from the cockpit.
Maneovering is made easy by the hydraulic steering system and powerful engine.

The handmade interior is luxurious and spacious : mastercabin, guest cabin, toilet and shower , generous saloon with kitchen and navigation area , all finished in solid woodwork.

Headroom in the main saloon is over 2 m.

The cockpit is deep and protected, a safehaven even in rough conditions.

Every yacht is custombuilt to owners’ wishes.

W-36P deckhouse GP

W36P Interior with two cabins (doghouse)

W36P  Deckhouse Interior

W36P Sailplan with selftacking jib

Wanderer 36-GRP description

Prices on request

More Information

W36P-02 , with raised deckhouse

Wanderer 36 – 04 , cherry interior, low doghouse

Model Wanderer 36
General :  GRP sailing yacht with centreboard
Design Martin Bekebrede
Yard DTB-Turkey / NAZ-yachts Nederland
Loa 11,60  m
Lod 10,84  m
Width 3,70 m
Draft 0,74 / 2,20 m
Displacement 9500 kg 
Sail area 77 sqm
Engine Nanni 40 Ps Inboard Diesel 
Certification CE-A





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