NAZ-yachts builds motoryachts in steel or fibreglass.
Designed by Dutch architect Martin Bekebrede.
Typical for these yachts are the beautiful classical looks, the sturdy built,
huge interior space and  comfortable behaviour on small and big waters.

Due to the shallow draft and wide body these yachts can easily dry out :  the cruising area is almost unlimited.

Each yacht is built to owners’ specifications, to a high standard of craftmanship.

Of course each yacht has CE-certification.

Apart from the yachts presented in this website we can build virtually any
motoryacht up to 20 meters .

Don’t hesitate to contact us :

“We build the yacht you dream of for the price you hoped for”

Alida aan landje Aalsmeer (Medium) DSC03167 (Medium) Wadkaper 37 

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